10 Reasons to Educate Elementary Students about Social Media




It is always interesting to me, to find out that more and more of our younger students are becoming involved with the Internet and Social Media.

Due to their developmental age, most students have some kind of difficulty with self-management throughout childhood. But, this is to be expected with children. They simply lack the maturity, brain development, and personal experience to understand how to manage themselves in every situation in real life, let alone online.

With person-to-person interactions, students have Parents, Teachers, & other Educators  (we hope), who are helping to appropriately guide them throughout each day. However, when using social media and the internet, kids are often left to their own devices to navigate new worlds of Social Media. These new worlds are also ones that most parents and Teachers did not grow up with.

Despite the fact that students are required to be 13 years of age or older to use many of the Social Networking applications online, it can be alarming to realize that many of our younger students are already using them. Applications such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and even Minecraft have taken the internet by storm. These applications are not bad at all in and of themselves, and can be used in amazing ways, especially in our schools. However, as with anything, when used inappropriately or without guidance, it can cause a lot of problems with issues such as self-esteem or bullying. Online behaviours today may also come back to haunt students in the future.

We as Educators are implicitly, if not yet explicitly, thus faced with the new tasks of teaching students digital citizenship, digital literacy, and the tasks of educating our students, parents, and communities about how to manage the Online Presence.

10 Reasons to Educate Elementary Students about Social Media:

  1. The Internet is Forever. Everything posted on the Internet will always exist somewhere. Continue reading